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About Us

Our digital platform helps build empathy & inclusivity skills in elementary age students, K-5.  Our curriculum teaches these skills to allow children to thrive and have a positive impact in their communities. 

The concept to teach elementary school students social emotional skills through a digital platform grew organically.  In 2018 we began developing an engagement platform for children undergoing emotional struggles. In 2020 the world faced unprecedented times with the COVID pandemic. Children and teachers had to adjust to a new normal as students stayed home and teachers taught virtually.  During this time the country went through numerous social protests.  These pivotal points in history directed us to using our digital platform to help children learn empathy and inclusivity in the classroom.

We strive to make an impact in the lives of children, teachers and communities.  Our teaching programs focus on a three prong approach matched with curriculum based evidence. With our services, your students will build strong SEL skills. Join us at Spruce Kids, where saplings will grow strong branches. 

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Vision & Mission


We believe that empathy & inclusivity are the cornerstones of positive relationships in societies.  Both empathy and inclusivity can be taught and promote wellbeing, both physically and mentally. 


Educational programming around empathy & inclusivity is lacking and we strive to change that. Our commitment is to develop high quality, interactive, educational modules that can be accessed in the classroom and at home. 

At The Spruce Kids, we partner with educators and help them develop strong empathetic & inclusive traits in their students. These social emotional learning skills are critical for the development of communities worldwide. 



We focus our resources into making sure our saplings are well equipped to succeed as individuals while contributing to the wellbeing of our society. Through the use of digital technology, we offer children a rich world creative & vibrant stories, activities and engagement tools to fully understand what it means to be an emapthetic and inclusive student. 

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Our Digital Platform

With the help of our experts in psychology and education, combined with the use of digital technology, we have developed an interactive approach to learning empathy.


Through creative stories and activities, we seek a modern approach to teaching. Each story or activity focused on two objectives:


1. Engagement: getting the student to interact as much as possible.

2. Reinforcement: concluding each activity/story with a key message strongly tied to empathy.



Through colorful illustrations and delightful real-life stories, readers embark on adventures with our main characters. Carefully written to encourage children to engage while having fun, our stories help children learn about empathy and kindness in an interactive setting.


Our curriculum serve as a keepsake for journaling messages throughout the learning experience. They are engaging yet motivating and impactful. For example, each activity book contains the following:

  • message reinforcement worksheets

  • write “your own ending” story guide

  • help our character find their way!

  • connect the dots to a larger message

  • additional reading about real life people in social settings where empathy can be observed



For more information on what programs are more suitable for certain aged children, reach out, we welcome any opportunity to discuss incorporating our program in your school.

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Our Team


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The Spruce Kids Team would love to hear from you.  Please call us for a chat or fill in the following form and we will get right back to you.

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Joyetta Neogi

Joyeeta Neogi is a freelance children’s book  illustrator working with international authors and publishers for the past 9 years. Her love for nature inspires the engaging, bright, playful, colorful illustrations. Her style is a harmonious blend of realism and illustrated personality. Her art captures the expressions, movements and vibrancy of life within simple compositions to bring the author’s story to life.

She was born in Assam, India and graduated in Fashion Design from the Fashion Institute, Niift at Mohali. Thereafter she worked as a designer in the garment industry for four years. But she was always an avid painter and illustrator at heart. After studying graphic arts and illustration, she re-started her career as a freelance children’s book illustrator. She currently resides in Bangalore, India with her techie husband and lovely creative daughter. In her free time, she is busy with painting and music. She loves to paint in oil, acrylic and has a strong passion for watercolor.

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Lisa Wooten

Lisa's love for storytelling began with the first book she ever read on her own as a child, Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham. Her love of reading grew into a passion for writing. Over the last decade, Lisa has helped other writers complete their manuscripts and in 2011, she fulfilled her childhood dream of becoming a published author.

When she’s not busy writing, Lisa appreciates the time she spends with her husband, Ted, and their four-year old son, Lucas. They enjoy traveling and singing Beatles songs off-key.


Rebecca S. Pickens
Founder & CEO

Rebecca Pickens is a global citizen, entrepreneur, and bibliophile whose mission is to bring joy and healing to young patients. Rebecca’s inspiration to found Spruce Kids was based on her family’s own experience in the health care system. Rebecca has deep empathy for those dealing with children’s health issues and is keenly aware of the role that the patient experience plays in the healing process for the whole family. Through her work at Spruce Kids, Rebecca helps young patients find the resilience to cope with their journey through the magic of books. 


Having worked in both corporate and family business environments, Rebecca’s diverse world view is informed by raising three insatiably curious children in a multiracial, multi-faith household. A graduate of Bryant University and the Wayne Huizenga School of Business at Nova Southeastern University, Rebecca resides in Miami, Fl with her family.  Rebecca is happiest when browsing the stacks of her local bookstore with a retinue of little ones in tow.