Vision & Mission


Our slogan, “Where saplings grow strong branches”, tells the story in one simple sentence.


If we are to structure our vision, there are three key elements that make up The Spruce Kids:

• Children • Education • Empathy


We firmly believe that saplings (children) are the present and the future. Therefore, we should focus our resources, whatever they may be, into making sure our saplings are well equipped to succeed as individuals while contributing to the wellbeing of our society.


For some time now, we as a society understood that education is the cornerstone of human evolution. For children, education starts at home, with their loved ones, then it becomes school education and later, work education. Sometime in our adult life, we come back to fundamentals and start learning about building a family, and other social elements. We never stop learning.

Yet, early education, at home and in the first years of school, will likely determine how our children will fare later in life. That is why we chose children education, because of its ability to produce a long-term impact on our society.

At The Spruce Kids, we educate (grow strong branches) children for a better tomorrow.



The last ingredient in our vision. Before choosing our path, we looked hard at what are the main psychological factors influencing today’s human society. There were many others, along empathy. We chose empathy because of many reasons. Below, are a few:

  • Empathy has a double effect on the individual practicing it and on other people around him.

  • Empathy is embedded in our brain and our genetics, so it is something that is bound to manifest.

  • Empathy can be taught.

  • Empathy promotes wellbeing, both physically and mentally.

  • Empathy paves the way for other positive individual and collective social manifestations.

  • Empathy is what our world needs to make the next step in evolution.

  • Empathy can never be taken away from people.

  • Empathy is declining in our society.By combining the three core elements of our vision, CHILDREN, EDUCATION and EMPATHY, into a practical manifestation, we can transform our vision into a mission. Our expertise in clinical psychology, as well as our roles of parents, sisters, brothers and friends, all stand behind our mission of making our society a better place to live. A kinder, friendlier, selfless society.